Hello, everyone! I’m Piper and I’m a translator that has spent most of her life living between the US and Spain. I have lived in a constant state of adapting to new cultures and learning (and once re-learning) different languages. My passion for languages was actually what made me decide to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting.

When I started studying this degree, I soon learned all the work that it takes to be a translator. How naïve was I to think that just knowing two languages was enough! But it was this precisely what got me hooked. It pushed me to learn even more languages, to learn the different styles and techniques used in each type of communicative situation. It made me discover new tools and resources. And, it also made me cherish the beautiful nuances that made each language so unique.

While at university, I spent my afternoons giving English lessons and my nights reading, watching TV series and films, or doing some freelance translations. These last few years, I’ve mostly done multimedia translating although I also have experience in touristic and scientific translation.

I’m currently living in Tokyo, Japan, spending my time learning Japanese and also learning about this amazing culture that has given us haiku and anime. When I’m not out and about visiting temples or at an izakaya with friends, I work as a freelance translator.